About Us

The Training Auditing Organization Systems (TAOS) Network is a China-based organization providing social compliance monitoring, training and consultation services to companies working globally through extensive supplier networks.

Established in 2006, the TAOS Network has developed global partnership with leading brands from the US, UK, Canada, German, Norway, New Zealand, Swedish, and Netherland.

TAOS recognizes that, while the tools of the process—an accessible, yet comprehensive CAP—are crucial, what is of most value is the skills of our internationally experienced team as communicators, facilitators and leaders.

The TAOS Network is composed of professionals with over 80 years collective experience in organizational management, social development, human and labor rights, and social compliance in the Asian region. Our people are social compliance pioneers and field practitioners based in China. TAOS has offices located in Shenzhen and Shanghai.

Our Approach

To facilitate the transformation process, we investigate workplace environments to establish and determine the causes of compliance violations; design and conduct appropriate mentoring interventions.

Programs are designed to best fit CSR stakeholders’ interests and concerns and to implement organizational needs, capabilities and limitations with the end goal of creating a humane workplace.

Our View

The Fundamental Path to Sustainable Social Compliance

  • -Transparency
  • -Partnership approach
  • -Dialogue among all stakeholders
  • -Systematic and organizational strategies

Our Service

The TAOS Network provides a variety of auditing, training, and consultation services. Each service aims to give pragmatic solutions to social compliance issues facing participants in the supplier chain. A guiding principle of the TAOS Network is that such solutions should be an outgrowth of a synergistic conversation between a social compliance professional, and the managerial staff and the workers.

The Compliance Action Plan (CAP) is developed from a detailed supplier factory assessment by a team of experienced professionals and is specially attuned to local working conditions and realities, while striving to be consistent with the brand’s core values.

The TAOS training services—its Partnership Remediation Program, the Sustainable Compliance Training Program, and the Worker Engagement Program —have been customized to meet the specific needs and objectives of each client’s and factory. We at the TAOS Network share a commitment to creating trainings that can meet the diverse needs and aspirations of workers from a multiplicity of backgrounds and age groups.

Above all, the services provided by the TAOS Network are the product of the diverse experiences of our team. We at the TAOS Network have deeply engrained the principle that a humane workplace environment is a necessary pre-condition for enhancing productivity.